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Project Description

  • Superalloy Heat Treatment
    • Superalloys require heat treatment in a vacuum furnace. The absence of oxygen and other gases prevents oxidation.
  • Our Furnaces
    • We share two Ipsen vacuum furnaces that process up to 6000 pounds at 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit at up to 10 ^-5 Torr.
    • 48Wx48Hx72” Horizontal Vacuum Furnace
    • 60” Vertical Vacuum Furnace
    • Hydrogen Cleaning
  • Vacuum Brazing
    • Material buildup with braze similar to base metal
    • Install Honeycomb seals on superalloys
    • Joining metals
  • Stress Relief
    • Remove stresses in the material from welding and machining
  • Precipitation Age Hardening
    • Improve high temperature strength of superalloys
  • Coating Diffusions
    • MCrAlY coatings can be diffused into nickel and cobalt based superalloys to create a diffusion bond.
  • Vacuum Fuse
    • Spray and Fuse in a Vacuum