Trinity Coatings Is Proud To Welcome Its Newest Member

Trinity Coatings, LLC is proud to welcome Dana Renee' Iman to our team. Dana will serve as Business Development Manager for Trinity Coatings. Dana brings over 25 years of experience in business development, account management and industrial sales. Dana is very experienced with industrial, petrochemical, and subsea coatings. Dana has [...]

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March 2018-Coated Parts Return After Completing Successful Service

Combustion parts coated in the new facility in 2016 arrive back at Trinity Coatings, LLC. After running at their expected service rate of over 12,000 hours. The parts were returned for inspections, repair, and to apply coatings again. Frame 7EA combustion parts that were coated in the new facility in [...]

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March 2016-Trinity Coatings Moves Into New Facility

Trinity Coatings moves into a new facility with overhead cranes and bulk gases. Booth qualifications are completed. The construction of our new facility is nearly completed. The facility is equipped with overhead cranes and bulk gases. Installed equipment includes large abrasive blasting booths, degreasing and curing atmospheric ovens, vacuum furnaces, [...]

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